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Dabrowska, Maria – (1889 – 1965)
Polish literary critic and author
Maria Dabrowska was born at Rusow, near Kalisz, and was educated in Belgium, and the University of Lausanne, in Switzerland. Prior to World War II she resided in France and Britain. Dabrowska’s lifelong sympathy with the lives of the Polish peasantry was revealed in her collections of short stories, Ludzie stamtad (The People from over There) (1925) and Gwiazda Zaranna (Morning Star) (1955).
Dabrowska is best remembered for her epic family saga, Noce i dnie (Nights and Days) (1932 – 1934), which was published in four volumes, and chronicled the lives of an ordinary Polish family from the 1860’s until the eve of World War I. Her many plays included the historical drama Stanislaw i Bogomil (Stanislaw and Bogomil) (1945), and she also produced a series of critical essays concerning the Polish born author Joseph Conrad, Szkice o Conradzie (Sketches of Conrad) (1959). Maria Dabrowska died (May 19, 1965) aged seventy-five, in Warsaw.

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Karnak - Melodies Of Sperm ComposedKarnak - Melodies Of Sperm ComposedKarnak - Melodies Of Sperm ComposedKarnak - Melodies Of Sperm Composed