Instigators - recovery session

It soon became apparent that Germany was not prepared for a war lasting more than a few months. At first, little was done to regulate the economy for a wartime footing, and the German war economy would remain badly organized throughout the war. Germany depended on imports of food and raw materials, which were stopped by the British blockade of Germany . Food prices were first limited, then rationing was introduced. In 1915 five million pigs were massacred in the so-called Schweinemord to both make food and preserve grain. The winter of 1916/17 was called "turnip winter" because the potato harvest was poor and people ate animal feed including vile-tasting turnips. During the war from August 1914 to mid-1919, the excess deaths over peacetime caused by malnutrition and high rates of exhaustion and disease and despair came to about 474,000 civilians. [2] [3]

Most instigators of bullying and mobbing are individuals with psychopathic traits;  people who enjoys seeing others being hurt. And these tend to be master manipulators. They manage to get others to cooperate with their sinister deeds while often appearing innocent themselves.  They can be covert abusers.

Instigators - Recovery SessionInstigators - Recovery SessionInstigators - Recovery SessionInstigators - Recovery Session