13th sign, the - pressures

In sidereal and tropical astrology (including sun sign astrology ), a 12-sign zodiac is used based on dividing the ecliptic into 12 equal parts rather than the IAU constellation boundaries. That is, astrological signs do not correspond to the constellations which are their namesakes, particularly not in the case of the tropical system where the divisions are fixed relative to the equinox, moving relative to the constellations. [2]

In addition, they claim that astrologers suppress a 13th constellation, the Serpent Bearer (Ophiuchus), despite the fact that the Sun passes each year through this constellation.

Legend has it that the Stone belonging to Ophiuchus, the first and only Guardian of the storied Thirteenth House, represented Unity. A gifted healer, Ophiuchus was once the most welcoming and nurturing Guardian of the bunch. But eventually he became restless, and soon began to miss the immortality he’d given up in order to guard and protect the new human settlers. He explored his Talisman obsessively, knowing that its powers of Unity would eventually lead him once again to everlasting light.

13th Sign, The - Pressures13th Sign, The - Pressures13th Sign, The - Pressures13th Sign, The - Pressures